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To Envision, Equip, and Enable
                    all classes of people to acquire the critical knowledge, skills, and abilities 
to reach their full potential.
We are designed to harmonize and synergize with existing life skills agencies so that together we can provide the best possible life skills services to our community.

Your donation today will help us to continue to provide these no-cost services to the community and make a powerful positive impact on people's daily lives. 

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To claim your donation as a tax deductible expense, you must file Form 1040, Schedule A.

For more information on rules for claiming the Charitable Contribution Deduction, please consult your tax advisor or visit 

Life Focus Empowerment Network is licensed by the North Carolina Secretary of State as an organization authorized for Charitable Solicitation. For questions and concerns, please contact us 

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Help Us, Help Others. Tell someone you know about how Life Focus can benefit them. A low cost solution to a high cost problem. 
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Our excellent Life Skills programs have currently reached over 3200 teens and adults