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To Envision, Equip, and Enable
                    all classes of people to acquire the critical knowledge, skills, and abilities 
to reach their full potential.
Help Us, Help Others. Tell someone you know about how Life Focus can benefit them. A low cost solution to a high cost problem. 
Our ultimate goal is to make a positive contribution to our society by empowering people to connect with their purpose for being, to nurture goodwill in the community, and to promote cooperation across diverse cultures and backgrounds. 

We provide low cost educational services to the community.

Help Us, Help Others.
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Life Focus began in January 2006 with the vision of seeing every person in our community with the opportunity to experience superior quality in their lives.

After forming our organization and overcoming many challenges, we have currently reached 
over 4000 teens and adults 
with our excellent Life Skills programs. 

"We, at Life Focus, are looking forward to serving you in the future. May you forever reach your full potential and experience the highest quality in your life."

Wilbert Blandon Jr.
Chief Executive Officer


William Blandon Jr.
Chief Executive Officer

Tony Jones
Chief Officer of Operations

Jon Shields
Chief Financial Officer

6829 Fillyaw Road *Suite 105* 
Fayetteville, NC 28304 (910) 257-4310
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Our excellent Life Skills programs have currently reached over 4000 teens and adults